Gerald Tharrington, Wedding & Event photographer

About Us


PhotOccasions [foh-toh]+[ uh-key-zhuhns]:

A picture produced or to take a photograph of a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, - occasion.

Simply put, our goal at PhotOccasions is to convert your special occasion into photography.

 We take care in getting to know our clients so that when the time comes to capture your event you will be pleasantly surprised!

We believe that each client’s event is equally important, after all – It is Your Special Occasion; and every picture taken is done in the same fashion. No event is too large or too small. Our client event requests range from small intimate birthday parties to large corporate events.

Please browse our photo gallery to see what we do best! We know that you will like what you see.

We look forward to serving you!